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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Technical service team is always here to answer any of your questions. Below are a few of our most frequent questions.

How much lead time do i need to make an order?

Rise Products holds significant stock of its standardised panels giving us the ability to deliver within 24hours of order confirmation to selected areas. 

Is Rise Wall Industry Compliant?

Rise Products is committed to the quality and safety of its products. We currently meet all structural and fire requirements, including many others. For a full list of our compliance certifications, head to our products page.

    Is The Rise Wall System Waterproof?

    Rise Wall Water Resistant panels when installed in accordance with the manufacturers technical manual provides a high degree of water tightness suitable for inground and external applications. Rise Wall Super Finish Panels are recommended to be installed with a membrane applied to the rear side of the wall.

    Can Rise Wall Have Internal Services and Insulation?

    Both Rise Wall Water Resistant and Super Finish can be installed with internal services similar to a core filled block wall or concrete wall. Rise Wall Super Finish is available with thermal insulation in both internal faced of the panel.

    Can I Customise Rise Wall To My Project?

    To reduce lead times needed for projects Rise Products offer standardised sizing for its Rise Wall system. Custom orders are available for Water Resistant in 200mm increments needing a four week lead time for all orders.

    Does Rise Wall Need To Be Braced?

    Rise Wall requires bracing during assembly prior to concrete filling. Bracing is done using formwork props fixed to every second panel joing 2/3 of the pannel height.

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