Townhouse OSD Tanks

November 2019

Townhouse OSD Tanks
Targo Road, Beverley Park, 2217, NSW, Australia

Project Description
Rise Wall Water Resistant permanent formwork was used to build two onsite detention (OSD) tanks as part of the construction of two townhouses in Beverley Park, Sydney.

Both tanks were located in the driveway area with very limited space for material storage.

The client was frustrated with the difficulty of cutting permanent formwork to length.

Additionally, the client wanted a better way to install steel reinforcement.

The Solution
Rise Wall Water Resistant (200mm thick) was used for both tanks, being delivered on just one pallet!

The lay-flat format made cutting panels easy, creating a much lower volume of waste compared to other permanent formwork alternatives.

Rise Wall ‘W’ punch reinforcement cradle design, and the proprietary 2-piece corner made steel reinforcement easy.

Products Used
Constructed from a PVC composite plastic material, Rise Wall Water Resistant provides superior resistance to water and other liquid materials it may encounter. Ideal for basements, water tanks, silos, garages, workshops and much more, the rise wall system maintains a high level of industry safety and compliance providing a high fire resistance, thermal rating and acoustics testing.

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