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Residential Home with underground living space, Seven Hills Project Profile

August 2019

Residential Home, Garage and Basement Room
Nowland Street, Seven Hills, Sydney 2174, Australia

“It was a pleasure working with Rise Products. The whole team provided exceptional customer service. I had not worked with a product like Rise Wall previously but found the process straightforward and fast. Our work site was tight; this was a significant factor in choosing to use Rise Products over Traditional Masonry block as it reduced the need for over-excavation and its lay-flat design reduced the area needed for storage.”


Project Description

The Client undertook the development of a new family home, with spaces designed to evolve with the family. The project aimed to provide a generous size family home with a large multi car garage with a basement living room and bathroom.



The client required a product which could provide a watertight basement with a high-quality finish. Due to limited storage onsite and time constraints, the client also needed a product which would not require ample storage space and had a short lead and installation time.


The Solution

To address the challenges of storage and time, the client chose Rise Products’ Rise Wall Permanent Formwork solution. The lay-flat and lightweight design offered multiple benefits over traditional core-filled masonry. Rise Wall Water Resistant (200mm) was used to construct a perimeter wall for the multi-car garage and large basement living areas and provided a watertight basement with a high-quality finish.


Products Used

Constructed from a PVC composite plastic material, Rise Wall Water Resistant provides superior resistance to water and other liquid materials it may encounter. Ideal for basements, water tanks, silos, garages, workshops and much more, the rise wall system maintains a high level of industry safety and compliance providing a high fire resistance, thermal rating and acoustics testing.
Fitted with a durable Hume Fiber cement sheet, Rise Wall Super Finish allows a wide range of materials to be directly applied its surface. This product is perfect for those wanting to build structural and non-structural walls with a finished surface for both internal and external use. This system can also be used hollow as a non-structural wall system allowing services to be installed once erected.


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