Offering a stark contrast to the bulky, hard to work with products traditionally used for permanent formwork and the challenges of traditional core blockwork, Rise Wall features lay-flat technology for easy transport and storage, combined with easy cutting and bracing for a very different on-site experience.

You can fit 5 times more Rise Wall in any space than traditional formwork, so no more storage problems, and its faster, easier fitting means lower costs and quicker progress on any project. When you choose Rise Wall, you get the most efficient, cost-effective formwork available today.

Rise Wall Water Resistant takes all those benefits of our innovative system and adds superior resistance to water and other liquids, along with high levels of fire resistance, thermal rating and acoustic performance. It is the perfect product for basements, lift shafts, retaining walls, internal party walls, blade walls, OSD tanks, and a wide range of other similar environments including commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.

With full certification for Type C, Class 1 and 10 Residential building and more, Rise Wall is designed to deliver where it matters, offering faster fitment, simpler storage and cheaper transport. Wherever the site, whatever the project, Rise wall is built for you.

These impressive features do not impact the existing benefits of Rise Wall, including the cheaper transportation costs, less waste and faster installation, providing a more cost-effective solution that benefits all stakeholders. Together, these advantages can save 30% on your formwork budget by choosing Rise Wall Water Resistant.

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    Australia has been using PVC concrete forms for more than two decades, to the point they have become a common approach for in-situ concrete wall construction. However, while those systems have become widely adopted, they have brought some disadvantages, requiring significant space to store, and extensive transportation costs due to the volume of material being moved.

    Rise Wall has been developed to provide the benefits of concrete forms without the drawbacks. Using an innovated and patented folding system, Rise wall remains flat until needed, taking up five times less space than a traditional approach. That means five times less volume to transport, reducing costs significantly, but also five times less storage space on site, reducing hassle too.

    Not only that, but Rise Wall is easier to cut and faster to install too, making it not just the most practical formwork available today, but the most cost effective too. With no need for shop drawings or prefabrication, Rise Wall is a more flexible, faster and higher performing option for formwork, revolutionising concrete wall construction for the industry.

    Rise Wall Water Resistant delivers all those advantages along with impressive water and liquid resistance, making it the ideal choice for basement walls, retaining walls, tanks, pits and other areas where your concrete walls need to be water resistant.