The Rise Products Story

Australian-owned and operated, Rise Products lead innovation in the construction industry through our range of Rise Wall Permanent formwork products. designed, developed and manufactured by our talented team.

We created Rise Wall, the world’s first and only lay-flat permanent formwork system that delivers uncompromised performance while reducing costs and increasing sustainability. Designed by builders for builders, Rise Wall is the perfect solution for residential building, eliminating the challenges of blockwork and delivering ease of use for sites in any location, solving transport issues and reducing storage requirements.

Through Rise Products commitment to quality design development and innovation, we have created an internationally patented internal hinge that enables Rise Wall formwork wall system to lay-flat in a compact format until installation.

Smarter, Faster, Stronger

Innovative products to transform the construction industry for a better future

Rise Wall compact, lay-flat concrete wall form system is SMARTER

  • Due to its compact size when folded, you can fit up to 5 times more formwork in a given space, reducing transport costs and storage needs.
  • With 60% less volume, save significant time and money in removing concrete form waste.
  • Certified and Compliant permanent formwork system for residential and other building projects

Available as:

  • PVC walling solution offering water resistant walls
  • In 200mm width now, with 150mm and 100mm widths available soon

Rise Wall form system is FASTER

  • 4 times faster to install than traditional formwork or blockwork
  • Easier and faster cutting reduces labour and wastage
  • Standardised format eliminates the need for shop drawing of concrete walling
  • Minimal lead times enables tighter scheduling
  • No need for prefabrication or extended pour schedules

Rise Wall stay in place (SIP) formwork is STRONGER

  • With its twin skin panels, Rise Wall is the strongest PVC walling solution for any project
  • Featuring 3 separate reinforcement cradles, it offers more accurate, compliant structural walls
  • Using a 2-piece corner, reinforcement placement is simpler for any concrete wall form

With all that and more, Rise wall is one of the most cost effective, high performance concrete formwork systems available today for load bearing and structural walls.

Rise Wall is perfect for:

  • In-situ concrete walls, concrete walls, concrete wall forms
  • Internal load bearing walls
  • External walls, external panels, external solid wall insulation, and external wall systems
  • Basement walls, basement wall panels,
  • Retaining walls and retaining wall systems
  • Shuttering walls, shuttering for retaining walls and wall shuttering systems
  • Column & blade walls for residential formwork & industrial walls
  • Insulated concrete formwork, ICF formwork, ICF, wall system, ICF wall construction

In addition, Rise Wall can be used as the ideal modular formwork alternative to core filled blockwork, eliminating the onsite challenges of storage and laying blockwork

Rise products is based in Sydney, New South Wales, where we distribute Rise Wall PVC concrete wall forms from our centralised office and warehousing facilities.

Permanent formwork, particularly plastic concrete systems, have been in use in Sydney for over 20 years, making it the ideal location for innovative new products to transform the industry. Across Australia, including Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, there are vast construction markets where our ground-breaking Rise wall systems have been utilized, and we continue to reshape the way concrete walling is implemented to customers around the country.

With our revolutionary folding solution, Rise Wall is practical for even remote sites with limited storage. This includes construction projects in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia Western Australia and the Northern Territory, where the compact design allows for cost-efficient transport and easy storage before use.

With success in national markets, Rise Products are making inroads on the international stage too, where again the many benefits of the Rise wall system make shipping to New Zealand, South Pacific SE Asia, China, Japan, North America and Europe/UK both practical and affordable.