Save 30% On Your Permanent Formwork; 20% Cheaper, 80% Faster & Better Structural Quality Than Core Filled Blockwork
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Home » Rise Wall Applications

Rise Wall Applications

Rise Wall is the world’s first (and only) lay-flat permanent formwork system.

The benefits of Rise Wall are;


  • Up to 5 x as much formwork can be delivered on each pallet/truck reduces transport cost
  • Compact modular formwork reduces material handling & storage requirement on site
  • >60% less by volume saves significant cost in removing concrete formwork waste
  • Available in PVC water resistant walls, fibre cement stay in place (SIP) wall formwork and as Insulated Concrete Form (ICF)
  • Certified & compliant permanent formwork system


  • 4 x faster than blockwork or traditional formwork to install
  • Easier & faster to cut reduces labour to install concrete wall forms
  • Standard format eliminates shop drawings of concrete walls
  • No need for prefabrication of concrete formwork reduces lead times
  • Minimal leads times reduces formwork wall system time on critical path


  • Twin skin panel makes Rise Wall the strongest PVC walling solution
  • 3 x separate reinforcement cradles for more accurate and compliant structural walls
  • 2 x piece corner for easy reinforcement placement in concrete wall form

These benefits make it ideally suited to a range of applications including the following


In-situ Concrete Walls

Rise Wall is one of the most cost effective and fastest concrete wall formwork systems.

Supplied in standard sized modular panels that are easily cut and joined providing a faster alternative to in situ concrete formwork.

Rise Wall Water Resistant is designed for 200mm thick concrete walls and supplied in various standard formwork panel heights as well as custom lengths.

Rise Wall flexibility provides an excellent alternative to traditional concrete formwork.

Internal load bearing walls

Rise Wall is an excellent stay in place (SIP) formwork for internal load bearing walls.

Available as a PVC formwork system (Water Resistant) in 200mm thickness it is an ideal replacement for core filled blockwork walls, cinder block wall and besser block walls.

Alternatively Rise Wall Super Finish fibre cement lined concrete wall formwork comes in both 150mm and 200mm thickness modular formwork panels – with 100mm also available.

Rise Wall is 4-5 times faster to install than brickwork or blockwork.


External walls

Rise Wall can be used as external wall panels and an external wall system for most forms of construction.

Rise Wall PVC concrete formwork system provides water resistant external walls in 200mm thickness.

Rise Wall Super Finish is available as stay in place formwork (SIP) and an insulated concrete form (ICF) in 1500mm and 200mm thickness with fibre cement finish ideally suited for applied finishes

Basement walls

Rise Wall PVC formwork system most common application is basement walls.

Supplied in 200mm thick modular formwork panels of various heights it is an ideal alternative core filled block walls or concrete walls

Rise Wall Water Resistant PVC formwork system provides superior water resistance to concrete walls.

PVC formwork also holds less moisture than besser block walls or cinder block walls which reduces the occurrence of dampness and humidity in basements.

Retaining walls and retaining wall systems

Another very common application of Rise Wall PVC formwork system is retaining walls. Rise Wall Water Resistant properties makes it an ideal retaining wall system.

Rise Wall standard modular formwork panel sizes are easily cut down to achieve typical retaining wall heights.

Column, blade walls and lift & stair shafts

Rise Wall is commonly used in multi -unit residential projects for columns & blade walls formwork.

Similarly Rise Wall is suitable for commercial and industrial walls, external walls and as an alternative to precast panel walls or tilt-up panel walls.

Insulated concrete formwork

Rise Wall Super Finish fibre cement panels are available with 18mm insulation. Making Rise Wall an ideal option for ICF formwork, ICF wall systems and ICF wall construction.

Rise Wall Super Finish is available in two wall thickness making is a versatile, cost effective and fast to install insulated concrete formwork.


Fences, planter boxes and balcony upstands

Boundary walls and fences are another excellent use Rise Wall PVC formwork system.

Being 200mm thick modular formwork panels it is an ideal alternative core filled block walls

or concrete walls and the PVC formwork system provides superior water resistance.

Pits & Tanks

Rise Wall is a stay in place formwork also referred to sacrificial formwork making it ideally suited to pits, on-site detention tanks (OSD) and other types tanks

Being lay-flat modular formwork it is easy to cut to length which is commonly required for pits and tanks

Rise Wall is one of the fastest to install and most cost effective concrete formworks for inground pits and tanks.

Rise Wall is also an ideal modular formwork alternative to core filled block work.

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