Rise Wall Applications

Rise Wall is the world’s first and only lay flat permanent formwork system

Designed by builders, Rise Wall brings all the benefits of easier storage and transport with high performance on site. With Type C, Class 1 and 10 Residential building certifications, it is the ideal solution for any project, offering cost savings without sacrificing quality. Through its compact storage, faster installation and reduced wastage, Rise Wall offers a range of benefits including

With this range of benefits, Rise Wall is the ideal solution for projects of all kinds including:

Insitu Concrete Walls

As one of the most cost-effective, innovative solutions for concrete formwork systems available today, Rise Wall is the perfect solution for your in-situ concrete wall needs.

Rise Wall formwork is supplied in standard sized modular panels that can be easily cut and joined, reducing delivery time, offering faster installation and lowering costs for any in-situ concrete wall.

Designed for 200mm thick concrete walls, with 150mm and 100mm width solutions available soon, it offers an excellent alternative to traditional concrete formwork, and with custom lengths available on request, is highly adaptable to meet the needs of any project.

Internal Load Bearing Walls

The PVC Water Resistant formwork of Rise Wall is perfect for any load bearing wall application. Available to suit 200mm thick walls now, with 150mmm and 100mm thick options coming soon, Rise Wall products are available in a range of standard sized and can be easily cut for fast installation in any situation.

Offering between for and five times faster installation speed, lower transport costs and drastically lower storage needs, Rise Wall delivers for any internal load bearing wall application.

External Walls

You can use Rise wall as external wall panels or external wall system for most construction styles, with our PVC concrete formwork system delivering water resistant external walls that are 200mm in thickness, and available for 150mm and 100mm walls in the near future.

Retaining Walls

With the Rise Wall PVC formwork system retaining walls are a breeze to build. The water-resistant material is ideal for the environment, while with each panel easy to cut, it is simple to create a retaining wall at just the right height quickly and cost-effectively.

Basement Walls

This is the most common application of the Rise Walls PVC formwork system, where the water resistance and other properties enhance the structure and deliver long lasting performance benefits.

The system compromises of 200mmm thick modular formwork panels of several standardised lengths, with custom options available subject to a slightly longer delivery time. The panels lay flat for easy transport and storage and are simple to cut and faster to install than alternatives. They offer a highly effective replacement for core filled block walls or concrete walls. Options for 150mm and 100mm thick walls are coming soon, with the same versatility and ease of installation.

The Rise Wall Water Resistant PVC formwork system delivers impressive water resistance, important for basement applications, reducing the chances of dampness and humidity in the basement space.

Column, Blade Walls and Lift/Stair Shafts

Whether for columns and blade walls in multi-unit residential projects or external walls, commercial and industrial walls as well as alternatives to precast panels or tilt up panel walls, Rise Wall offers a cost effective, practical and high-performance option.

Fences, planter boxes and balcony upstands

Our 200mmm thick PVC formwork system provides a 200mmm thick alternative to core filled blocks, offering superior performance, faster construction and superior water resistance while reducing costs.

Pits and Tanks

Rise Wall stay in place formwork offers ease of installation, including simple cut to length panels, that are ideal for OSD and other types of tanks. Projects benefit from the compact storage needs, faster installation and cost-effectiveness of the system to deliver performance without compromise.

As an alternative to core filled block work, Rise Wall delivers faster, more economical delivery, lower waste and quicker installation, saving time and money on site.