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North Narooma – Luxury Residential

May 2020

North Narooma – Luxury Residential
Water Crescent, North Narooma, 2546, NSW


“Great product! – Once the floor track is installed, it’s easy to install as many meters as you have cut.”



Project Description

This project involves the construction of a luxurious pavilion style home with over 300m², including extensive basement facilities.



North Narooma is located on the south coast of NSW, four hours south of Sydney, meaning transport costs where a major consideration.

The site is sloping with the significant extent of boundary and sub-floor retaining walls that required the formwork to be cut to custom heights.

The client had used other permanent formwork and was not satisfied with the reinforcement cradles or wall straightness.


The Solution

Rise Wall’s compact nature enabled over 40m² per pallet allowing the whole project to be delivered on one truck.

The unique lay-flat design of the Rise Wall panels makes cutting panels easier than any other permanent formwork.

Rise Wall punch reinforcement cradles and two-piece corner enables easy reinforcement placement.

Rise Wall reinforcing truss makes the panel stronger, allowing for straighter walls.


Products Used

Constructed from a PVC composite plastic material, Rise Wall Water Resistant provides superior resistance to water and other liquid materials it may encounter. Ideal for basements, water tanks, silos, garages, workshops and much more, the rise wall system maintains a high level of industry safety and compliance providing a high fire resistance, thermal rating and acoustics testing.



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