2 Residential Townhouses, Great Western Highway Project Profile

December 2019

12 High Residential Town Houses
Great Western Highway, Kingswood, 2747, NSW, Australia

Project Description
12 high-quality residential townhouses aimed to meet the demand in the rapidly growing western Sydney corridor. The homes comprise of three to four bedrooms, living and dining areas, complete with large garage and external courtyard gardens.

The client required a product which could provide a watertight basement with a high-quality finish. Due to limited storage onsite and time constraints, the client also needed a product which would not require ample storage space and had a short lead and installation time.

The Solution
To provide superior quality load-bearing walls with a superior internal and external finish Rise Wall Super Finish (160mm) was used to construct the ground floor external form and second level internal inter tenancy walls.


Products Used
Fitted with a durable Hume Fiber cement sheet, Rise Wall Super Finish allows a wide range of materials to be directly applied its surface. This product is perfect for those wanting to build structural and non-structural walls with a finished surface for both internal and external use. This system can also be used hollow as a non-structural wall system allowing services to be installed once erected.

Need a Quote?

    “We are really pleased to have adopted Rise Wall Super Finish for the first time on this project. The product has delivered a superior quality home as well as a cost efficient and fast construction process. The standardised panel format meant reduced our lead time. We work to build our projects rapidly and efficiently, we like knowing that if we place an order we can use those standard components to work with the construction tolerances and any design changes that may occur.

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