May 2019

Boutique Residential Home
Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills, 3127, VIC, Australia

Project Description

Rise Wall Water Resistant permanent formwork was used in a boutique residential home being built in inner-Melbourne.


The site had limited unloading space and on site storage.

The Solution

Rise Wall was selected due the compact lay-flat design which greatly reduced on-site storage volume compared to other permanent formwork systems.

The system also provided fast construction of the 1.8m high retaining wall, reduced excavation and enabled construction to proceed more promptly than alternative methods.

Products Used – Rise Wall Water Resistant

Constructed from a PVC composite plastic material, Rise Wall Water Resistant provides superior resistance to water and other liquid materials it may encounter. Ideal for basements, water tanks, silos, garages, workshops and much more, the rise wall system maintains a high level of industry safety and compliance providing a high fire resistance, thermal rating and acoustics testing.

Need a Quote?

    “We were so pleased to find a permanent formwork that could be delivered on one pallet (not five)! Rise Wall was so easy to cut and install, stronger, and the wall was straighter than other permanent formwork.”

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