OSD Tank, St Marys Project Profile

October 2019

Industrial OSD Tank
Charles Street, St Marys, 2760, NSW, Australia

Project Description
Rise Wall was supplied and installed for the construction of a large On Site Detention Tank (OSD) for a multi-unit industrial estate. The tank spans twelve metres long and nine metres wide and included numerous supporting internal walls, pump out pit and overflow weir.

Onsite labour had limited experience in formwork and needed a system which was straight forward to install and high in quality. The complexity and size of the build meant that the quality of the product was essential in order for the tank to remain watertight.

The Solution
Rise Wall Water Resistant (200mm) was selected for the installation of the OSD tank. The compact lay flat design minimised material storage and logistics on site. It’s superior strength, and high quality ensured the trussed wall panel would withstand the elements and the speed of installation assisted in the tank being constructed and poured within three days.

Products Used
Constructed from a PVC composite plastic material, Rise Wall Water Resistant provides superior resistance to water and other liquid materials it may encounter. Ideal for basements, water tanks, silos, garages, workshops and much more, the rise wall system maintains a high level of industry safety and compliance providing a high fire resistance, thermal rating and acoustics testing.

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    “Our site labour had limited prior experience with formwork of this type, however, they completed the installation within a few days. The system is designed with much attention to how productivity on site can be improved. If we had used conventional formwork systems, we would have been waiting for weeks to complete this amount of work.”

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